Bridging the gap with academia

Our technology programs bring industry and academia
together by encouraging innovation in all forms,
teaching methods, courses structure etc.
Focused on innovation and quality

  • Embedded Systems
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Data Acquisition
  • Electronic Manufacturing/Military Production Support
  • Wire and Wireless Communication
LabVIEW Consultancy

Expertise at VI Solutions have years of experience
to select the right hardware and software for your application
Our industry partners are innovators in technology programs
and they encompass the complete value chain from raw materials to the final product
  • Bridge with
  • Innovation
    and quality
  • LabVIEW
  • Partners

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Bridging The Gap With Academia

         Our technology programs bring industry and academia together. Industry partners can drive the development of new technologies based on breakthroughs coming from the fundamental research being performed at institutions. In return, the universities get market insight and can draw on the industry experience of our partners to help focus their research activities.

  •          VI Solutions is innovation in the field of education, a challenge to not just keep up but outsmart and set new industry standards. India's talent shortages are hitting the bottom line of business and are reflected in the increase in attrition rates of skilled manpower and wage inflation in various business verticals. This situation is compounded by the increase in demand for skilled and semi-skilled manpower in various sectors. The biggest uncertain in the economy growth of a country is the lack of quality trained professional. In India we definitely do not lack in the number but we lack a lot in level of professional education.

         A 'research attitude' is missing amongst faculty and students. They should be "soaked in the research culture". Industry is willing to give projects to faculty if the required domain knowledge/skills of staff are specified. At times undergraduates, graduates and even working professional may feel the need to upgrade them self and keep up with latest technologies

Here is where we come in!!

         We thoroughly believe that by simply improving the quality of education we can uplift India's economic and technological status and thus we bring together the BEST to create the BEST.

Education Beyond Class Room

         At VI Solutions we encourage innovation in all forms, teaching methods, courses structure etc. We believe that education is beyond classroom lectures. Learning cannot be limited to a classroom or to a lecture, because everything we do teaches us a lesson.

Academic Projects

         We, a premier technology firm invite all the budding professionals to quench their thirst for innovative academic projects, through us. We are one of the leading firms in India that provides Project Assistance to M.Tech/MCA/B.Tech/BCA/ graduates and technical training in various programming languages.

         We facilitate students to do their academic projects under the guidance of industry professionals. Selected candidates are offered assistance to do projects in latest technologies in Electronics, Electrical, Telecommunication, Medical Electronics, Instrumentation and Civil.

         Our projects are rated as Best Academic Projects in many reputed Engineering Colleges in South India by virtue of our quality delivery and innovative approach.

         Students get an opportunity to work on these projects rather than understanding already implemented projects. Thus students undergoing projects in our institute get opportunities to learn various aspects of project lifecycle including requirement analysis, prototyping, architecting, coding, testing, deployment etc. This approach helps to develop students as true professionals, fully equipped with all the needed skill sets required to get employed in top notch IT companies